Blommestein Nursery


Finding ourselves in the richest Succulent specie culture in the world, Blommenstein finds personal growth and pride in the nurturing, care and maturation of these truly South African plants. Of ten thousand Succulent species worldwide, roughly forty-seven percent are indigenous to our beloved country.

With the seed of this larger nursery, planted in 1964, the owners have enriched their knowledge and skill over a span of fifty-six years, while the company itself was established in 1974. Blommenstein grows and supplies Cacti and Succulents, harvesting only their finest skills in the production, growth, love and development of each plant.

Boasting a plantation meterage of thirty thousand square meters, the nursery provides plants on a large and small scale, offering pots of five-and-a-half centimetres, to thirty centimetres. These versatile packages make Blommenstein one of the largest Cacti and Succulent producers in South-Africa.



Our values

Our values

Integrity – Doing the right thing, for the right reasons, without picking the fruit of acknowledgement is at the base of our company.

Customer commitment – Committing to long standing relationships, and service, our company has grown from generation to generation.

Teamwork – In a multicultural environment, growing alongside one another is at the heart of teamwork.

Innovation – Innovative thinking and execution, proves to heighten service excellence.

Quality – The quality and care we place in our products undoubtedly speaks of our values and will continue to do so in generations to come.

Our mission

Our mission

Dedicated to growing a unique collection of assortments, their superior plants are cultured and grown to perfection, which serves to provide the finest quality to their clients.

Blommenstein endeavours to create and build a stimulating, safe, challenging and rewarding environment for their employees, undeniably sowing the seeds of wisdom, skill and personal fulfilment in the workplace.

Our vision

Our vision

Fully dedicated to service excellence, Blommestein strives to build long lasting relationships with its clients and employees.

Driven by the goal of exceeding service level standards and agreements, through teamwork, dedication, innovation and international technology, Blommestein envisions a platform where fair profit, respect and equality fundamentally precedes the company’s reputation.


Having been blown into the pages of magazines and social media sites, these lush plants offer peace of mind to any newcomer to the world of plants.

Assortment Succulents


Hardly requiring any water, this plant offers a fuss-free, easy to maintain option to plant owners who’s green fingers are still growing.


Back to our roots

Fifty six years ago, a young Willie van der Westhuizen was blessed with a birthday gift of a couple of Succulent plants, by his uncle, Faan Maritz. The gift, seemingly innocent, held a secret that grew into a Nursery, abundant in different sizes, shapes and species of Cacti and Succulents. Sprouting from the gift, was a passion for these unique plants, immune to drought and indivisible from heat and sun, shaping the future of generations to come. Alongside his father, Lukas van der Westhuizen; they collected and grew Cacti and Succulents as a hobby, which during 1974, bloomed into the thriving business that is Blommenstein.


Should you require something special, do not hesitate to contact us. Kindly note our trading terms are wholesale only.

Holdings 50, Richard Street, Marabeth, Tarlton, Mogale City, South Africa

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