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Having been blown into the pages of magazines and social media sites, these lush plants offer peace of mind to any newcomer to the world of plants. Their arrays of breath-taking colours, fascinating textures and easy growing instructions have placed these plants at the forefront of style and fashion. Currently depicted in glossy magazines and blog pages, Succulents have become high in demand.

A popular house plant in window sills or indoor Succulent gardens, these plants thrive in bright sunny areas, but also flourish in artificial light, making them perfect for a monotonous office desk or open spaces. Being one of the least fussy plants South Africa has to offer, this pot provides a kaleidoscope of colours, which makes for interesting, yet suitable accentuating pieces in a stylishly decorated space.
The latest innovative trend, is succulents, growing on living walls.

Fast becoming a voguish source for decor, Succulents have earned their reputation as the internationally renowned purchase of choice. With their high tolerance to waterless conditions, these beautifully crafted plants, patented by mother nature, brings life to any garden or home, without signs of stress during even the harshest periods of droughts.

Outdoor Succulents are as high in demand and perfect for landscapes and container gardens. Well accustomed to warm weather areas, they make for beautiful perennials in frost-free regions.
Popular groups of Succulents include Aloe, Crassula, Echeveria, Gasteria, Haworthia, Kalanchoe, and Senecio.

Nurturing your plant

Grow Succulent plants indoors in bright, sunny areas. Artificial light is welcome too, as these special plants are not fussy at all and make for perfect office desk accents.

Outdoor Succulents require a minimum of a half a day of full sunlight. The sunnier the area, the more radiant the colour of their plush leaves.

Minimum water is required as Succulents store water in their leaves, much as Cacti do. Water requirements may vary based on the species, size of the pot and the area temperature the plant is placed in.

Growing at a slow pace, Succulents don’t need pruning. Fertilizing your Succulent to increase growing speed is possible, but should preferably be done in summer or spring.

Keep your Succulent safe from animals and children as these plants are not easily digestible and could have side effects if consumed.









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